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Patient Advocacy

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Our Advocacy

At the heart of NexTGen are patients, families and their stories. Each advocate brings their own experience and perspective of solid tumours whether a parent or a patient. We are united in our passion and drive to enable research that leads to new scientific discoveries. Research that can lead to an improved prognosis with kinder and less toxic treatments. We are a constant reminder of why this research needs to happen.

We are an international team with wide-ranging advocacy experience. This enables idea generation, education and the continued evolution of the role patient advocates can play along the research pathway. It also allows access to worldwide advocacy networks across childhood solid tumour disease types, geographic locations and professional paediatric cancer bodies.

Finally, we bring our own professional experience which can help shape our advocacy roles on NexTGen. These skillsets help contribute to delivering the objectives of the NexTGen patient involvement and engagement plan.



Our Goals

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