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Our Early Career Researchers


” Finding new cures for child tumors is the most exciting and motivating challenge I have pursued in my career. I am convinced at NexTGen, we will make a difference in the treatment of solid child tumors”.

Felipe Galvez Cancino

Post Doc, UCL, London, UK


Overview of ECRs

The early career researchers at NexTGen are a highly motivated and passionate team of students, postdocs, and junior researchers at the core of the discoveries being made in this Cancer Grand Challenge. Our discoveries will translate into publications and clinical trials that ultimately impact patients, potentially improving their lives and contributing to society.

As future leaders in cancer research, we bring our expertise, fresh approach and new generation minds to identify and tackle new problems. We are a diverse and international team from around the globe, aiming to contribute to solving the huge challenge that pediatric tumors represent.

Beyond our research, we aim to work closely with the patient advocates to share our knowledge and disseminate user-friendly updates on our research.  We are convinced these skills and our science can make a difference for patients and their families in the future.


Meet the Early Career Researchers

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