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A Chicken Tapasin ortholog can chaperone empty HLA-B∗37:01 molecules independent of other peptide-loading components.

Georgia F. Papadaki, Claire H. Woodward, Michael C. Young, Trenton J. Winters, George M. Burslem, and Nikolaos G. Sgourakis

Journal of Biological Chemistry October 2023

HLA3DB: comprehensive annotation of peptide/HLA complexes enables blind structure prediction of T cell epitopes

Sagar Gupta, Santrupti Nerli, Sreeja Kutti Kandy, Glenn L. Mersky & Nikolaos G. Sgourakis

Nature Communications 10 October 2023

Bioinspired 3D microprinted cell scaffolds: integration of graph theory to recapitulate complex network wiring in lymph nodes.

Matthew H. W. Chin, Barry Reid, Veronika Lachina, Sophie E. Acton, Marc-Olivier Coppens

Biotechnology Journal 20 November 2023 

Structural principles of peptide-centric Chimeric Antigen Receptor recognition guide therapeutic expansion

Yi Sun, Tyler J. Florio, Sagar Gupta, Michael C. Young, Quinlen F. Marshall, Samuel E. Garfinkle, Georgia F. Papadaki, Hau V. Truong, Emily Mycek, Peiyao Li, Alvin Farrel, Nicole L. Church, Shereen Jabar, Matthew D. Beasley, Ben R. Kiefel, Mark Yarmarkovich, Leena Mallik, John M. Maris, Nikolaos G. Sgourakis

Science Immunology 1 December 2023 

Conformational plasticity of RAS Q61 family of neoepitopes results in distinct features for targeted recognition

Andrew C. McShan, David Flores-Solis, Yi Sun, Samuel E. Garfinkle, Jugmohit S. Toor, Michael C. Young & Nikolaos G. Sgourakis

Nature Communications 1 December 2023